The change of the company headquarters

1. The application for registration (original),

2. Own-account statement (original), signed by associates or administrators, showing, as appropriate, that:

• the legal person does not carry out the declared activities, at the registered office, at the secondary offices or outside them, for a period of maximum 3 years;

• the legal person fulfills the conditions of operation provided by the specific legislation in the sanitary, sanitary-veterinary, environmental and labor protection field for the activities specified in the standard declaration;

3. The decision of the general meeting of the associates / shareholders or the decision of the sole shareholder / CA / the directorate or, as the case may be, the addendum to the constitutive act (in the original) – drawn up by the lawyer;

4. The document attesting the right of use on the registered office space, in the copy.

The documents attesting the usage rights on the premises of the registered office / office and / or of the secondary offices may be: land registry extract, valid until deposit, but no later than 30 days, sale-purchase contract , donation agreement in authentic form, certificate of inheritance, notarial act of termination of the joint tenancy or delimitation of property, final decision on property or use / usufruct, final judgment of termination of the joint tenancy, minutes of the reception of the construction, act of adjudication of the real estate sold under forced execution, the exchange contract, the lease (registered with the Public Finance Administration, in the case of the owner / lessee- natural person), the sub-leasing contract, the concession contract, the real estate leasing contract, bailment, contract for use, usufruct contract, certificates of fiscal / agricultural role within the validity period or any other legal act conferring the right to use, at the choice of the applicant. The land registry statement and the fiscal / agricultural role certificate shall be submitted in original, the other documents being submitted in certified copy by the party or in a legalized copy. ;

5. The application to ANAF to obtain the certificate issued by the competent financial administration certifying that in the case of social real estate no other document for the alienation of the right to use of the same property, onerous or gratuitous juridical acts, was filed by the lawyer ;

6. The staturory declaration in original with compliance of the conditions on the headquarters if the certificate issued pursuant to paragraph 5 shows that other documents attesting the alienation of the right of use to the same immovable property intended for headquarters. In accordance with Art. 17 par. (4) of the Law no. 31/1990, republished, as amended by Governmental Emergency Ordinance. no. 54/2010 on certain measures to combat tax evasion, several companies will be able to operate at the same premises only if the building, by its structure, allows the operation of several companies in different rooms or in distinctly shared spaces. The number of companies operating in a building may not exceed the number of rooms or separate spaces obtained by sharing.

7. Certificate of registration (in the original);

8. The updated constitutive act, in the original – written by the lawyer;

9. special authorization (in authentic form), power of attorney or delegation for persons designated to carry out legal formalities(in the original) ;

If the registered office is changed to another county, the request for availability and / or business reservation (original) must be submitted in advance.